Monday, 25 May 2009

Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease

Just listened to this again for the first time in near on twenty years and am now a total convert to the track I initially hated on first listening all those years ago on a C90 tape , The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's "Paralysed" . Not sure if its a work of total genius or complete insanity ( I like to think both ...) but it puts a smile on this particular face . An absolute outsider music gem along with Hasil Adkins' "She Said" , another track included on this compilation issued on Big Beat in 1984.The first side has 60s garage classics - The Trashmen's " Surfin' Bird" , The Sonics' "Psycho",and The Novas' "The Crusher" . The second side has tracks by Psychobilly greats The Meteors , The Sting-Rays, The Guana Batz and a rare recording by The Cramps backing Jimmy Dickinson - "Red Headed Woman ". Also included , maybe a little out of place , "Jack on Fire" a track from The Gun Club's storming classic debut album . A very influential compilation at the time which led to an oubreak of flat tops , quiffs ,spikes and horns all perched on top of shaven heads (and that was just the girls ! boom boom !). Sure still sounds good to me . As this is a CD rip , I have included "Love Me" by The Phantom (Taken from "Songs The Cramps Taught Us") as this was on original vinyl issue and omitted from CD reissue along with cover scans and sleevenotes. For "The Most Devastating Trip Into The World's Most Warped Musical Minds " go here ......

Here is a clip of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy being mocked by a popular American comedy duo in the 60s' , I guess they'd never come across the likes of The Cowboy at their members only golf club .

Dr. Phibes And The House Of Wax Equations

This three piece hailing from the north west were often compared,rather obviously ,with The Jimi Hendrix Experience .Two white guys on bass and drums,Lee Belsham and Keith York, fronted by a black guy,Howard King Jr, playing dynamic lead guitar laden with effects and feedback as if in a wild jamming session.Although lumped in with the indie scene of the time there was much more to this unique band as suggested by supporting Hawkwind , Killing Joke and Spiritualized which acknowledges their heavy ,tripped out psychedelic edge.They gigged extensively throughout the early 90s along with two appearances at Glastonbury gaining a good live reputation .I have regretted not seeing them since as I very much doubt we will hear from them again as tragically Howard King Jr is currently serving time at her majesty's pleasure after being found guilty of murder in 1997 .The debut album Whirlpool was released in 1991 and was followed by a handful of along with their last album Hypnotwister in 1993. All their recorded output is worth tracking down along with Peel and Mark Radcliffe sessions and a live Glastonbury bootleg. Click here for the brilliant debut.