Friday, 20 November 2009

Dr. Phibes And The House Of Wax Equations - Live Glastonbury '93

Been meaning to re-upload this for sometime, was available through Last FM page but link has expired . Anyway here is Dr. Phibes' performance from Glastonbury '93 where they had a large "Dr. Phibes" balloon hovering over the festival for the duration of most of the festival (Im sure there is a story about it losing it's mooring and causing chaos at higher altitudes above the site to a plane or hopefully a police helicopter).I did go that year but got sort of distracted and missed them , as you do or did at Glastonbury , but managed to pick up a C90 of the set the next day . Audience recording but still very much worth a listen . Apologies in advance as I'm not 100% on the correct track-listing and also for the piss poor knocked out "cover" ,novice at photoshop/image type software, feel free to make a better one and send it to me.Check out wiki and first post for more on the "should of been massive" and seriously under appreciated Dr. Phibes & The House Of Wax Equations. Glasto '93 here.

Thanks to Keith for these links to some quality French broadcast recordings .


  1. HI,

    i'm a french guy from Paris and fan of this band. I've created a yahoo group for Phibes ; could you please put in it this 1993 recording from Glastonbury ?

    Franz Parker

  2. Hi Franz ,There should be more fans of this band.Will check out your Yahoo group.Feel free to copy this link to your page

    any problems let me know

  3. You are absolute gentlemen and stars...

    I've been looking for that Glasto performance for 10 years, used to have it on cassette. As for the France Inter radio 'Black Session', I only just found out it ever existed.

    Thanks guys... In gratitude, I can up some mp3's of Dr Phibes' '2000 Light Years From Home' and 'L.A. Woman' covers if interesred?


  4. Hi mate, thanks for the comment . Have the L.A Woman cover but the "2000 Light Years From Home" is one I'm missing.I believe it was recorded for a Stones tribute album .Would definately be interested in hearing that ...

  5. moment of truth is corrupt file, I'm very sad. >=0(

  6. File re-upped . Should be working now.

  7. Hey Franz I love french guys !!! ;-)

    1. Thanks ! Hope you're a beautiful girl...


  8. You're welcome !!! :)
    Are you single ?

  9. I was in school with Howard and he was a sound guy who sadly had an illness.saw hm grow up and was very friendly with him.Glastonbury was awesome

  10. He was a natural and the guitar just got a work out with his playing.shame because I reckon he would be household name by now.he was very talented indeed.