Monday, 10 May 2010

The Macc Lads - Beer & Sex & Chips 'n' Gravy

Come this way for some grade A 80s' filth from the semi notorious and legendary Macc Lads . Released in 1985 this album achieved a sort of cult status among aficionados of puerile/juvenile humour,Punk Rock and Viz . Which I suspect many would not admit to liking now. Well after a gap of nearly twenty years since the last listen I'll admit it still makes me chuckle . A lot . Rumored to have been funded with the aid of a government grant this sort of reminds me of a mix of Sham 69 , Half Man Half Biscuit and Chubby Brown. The lyrics are bordering on genius , for instance -  "Vauxhall Vivas's all covered in rust , but you can't shag yer bird on a 29 bus" or rhyming George Michael with menstrual cycle ,which everything written about The Macc Lads since 1985 has to mention by law. Quite fittingly The Macc Lads later went on to have their own cartoon strip in gentlemen's art pamphlet* , "Fiesta". Although I'd like to think the lyrics are all done just fer a laugh as all songs appear to be ARE about sex, drinking and fighting there is a whiff of homophobia hovering over it in places, which in one track come close to a frenzy (no pun etc )of anatomical detail which are either mean spirited or maybe ,cod psychology ahead, self hatred. And many will find the track "Buenos Airies" extremely jingoistic as this was released not long after the Falklands War . Just bypass those songs  and listen to the hilarious "Blackpool" and "Dan's Underpants'" or maybe "Sweaty Betty" - "She wore big knickers and worked on sewage farm". If none of that puts you off play this and offend everyone  within earshot or listen with headphones and try to keep a straight face . Boozy,bawdy humour from Northern England (macclesfield , as is quite rightly pointed out throughout) . Vinyl rip HERE .  BET THIS GETS DOWLOADED MORE THAN ALICE COLTRANE


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