Monday, 7 March 2011

Time Warp Dub Clash - Old School vs. New School (Raiders Of The Lost Dub)

Old school dub tracks from 1981 and what was new school dubs , at the time  of release in 93 ,from the early 90s' .This compilations first ten tracks originally made up the legendary Raiders Of The Lost Dub from 1981 .This only had a limited release before being withdrawn after some minions from the empire of  George Lucas and Steven Spielberg took exception to the original sleeve along with the titling of some of the tracks relating to scenes and events in Raiders Of The Lost Ark which is in itself a sort of homage to bygone Hollywood action movies so maybe they should have been informed of the tradition of Reggae homage/tribute (Kung Fu,James Bond,Six Million Dollar Man etc )to a popular movie or TV show of the time. Certainly would make an interesting alternative to the familiar John Williams score. Mainly comprising Sly and Robbie productions these tracks are a great slice of very early digital dub. The final nine tracks are from familiar names from the early 90s' including Mad Professor, Jah Shaka,Alpha & Omega and Dub Syndicate. What we need now is other compilations covering the last twenty years and one covering the well tread dub of the 70s' to make a sort of history of dub through the decades. I suppose using your favourite brand of audio player anyone could make up a decent playlist that will do the job well. But I'm far too lazy to bother with that , gonna leave it to someone far more knowledgeable. 

1. Indiana James (Man Next Door) -- The Paragons
2. Whip That Tarantula (Moulding) -- Ijahman
3. The Monkey Is a Spy (Sinsemilla) -- Black Uhuru
4. Pit of Snakes (Social Living) -- Burning Spear
5. Well of Souls (Feel the Spirit) -- Wailing Souls
6. The Dub of Gold (Heart Made of Stone) -- The Viceroys
7. Who's in the Tomb (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) -- Black Uhuru
8. Convoy Hijack (Sponji Reggae) -- Black Uhuru
9. Bazooka Blast (Fort Augustus) -- Junior Delgado
10. Fire and Brimstone (Journey) -- Black Uhuru
11. Dub So Hard -- Mad Professor
12. Absentee -- Manasseh Meets the Equaliser
13. Smiling Dub -- Jah Shaka
14. One Prayer -- Alpha & Omega
15. Zulu Warrior -- Mixman
16. Kumbia Dub -- Jah Shaka
17. Warrior Dance -- Mixman
18. Rastafari --  Alpha & Omega
19. What Happened? -- Dub Syndicate


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