Friday, 12 June 2009

Gaye Bykers On Acid

This bunch were "The Next Big Thing "of 86/87 and much lauded by the music press at the time . Gaye Bykers On Acid were lumped in the music journo created "Grebo" scene along with Crazyhead ,Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction,Pop Will Eat Itself and a few others long forgotten by me. Long hair,biker gear,spraypaint,effects pedals,patchouli oil,drum machines,samplers along with a hint of narcotic allsorts seemed to be some of the elements in the make up of this very brief lived genre.After a couple of indie eps GBOA were signed to Virgin Records in 1987 ,to much expectation. Unfortunately when the debut album (and accompanying movie !) "Drill Your Own Hole" came out it was almost underwhelming after the hype the band successfully generated. Dominated by drum machines , wah wah guitar and samples the album still comes across as gimmicky in places but Git Down , After Suck There's Blow and T.V Cabbage are worthy of a place on anyones alternative 80s' playlist.The next album in 1989s' "Stewed To The Gills" was a a major improvement but it was too late for Virgin and the band were dropped due to poor sales. Two more albums were released on thier own label before before splitting in the early 1990s'. Style over substance ? Dunno but they sure brightened up the dull and over earnest mid to late 80s' indie scene before the rise of Madchester.Some of it still sounds ok to me ,the mentioned tracks from the debut , Nosedive Karma ,Everythang's Groovy and most of Stewed To The Gills are all worth a listen. May post these tunes at a later date in the meantime here is the debut to start with .


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  2. Thanks for leaving comment ( yeaaaa my first ),will be sure to check out your blog too and discover/rediscover some sounds .

  3. Cracker write up on one of my fave freakout acts, sign me up Spike.