Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Sid Presley Experience

The Sid Presley Experience were a band from South London operative from 1984 until 1985 who released two singles/eps before splitting up ,with two of their members ,Peter and Chris Coyne going on to form the more successful The Godfathers . Looking like 60s' gangsters with a sound influenced by the Sex Pistols they were certainly different from what was happening in the shiny and bright pop or dull and gloomy indie/goth music scene of the mid 80s' . The full on yob rock of "Hup Two Three Four" ,recently use to promote the latest series of Top Gear ,was originally released in 1984 backed by the frantic instrumental "Public Enemy Number One" complete with the sound of police sirens and gun fire.This was followed in 1985 by a storming cover of John Lennons' "Cold Turkey" along with "F For Fake" and "Firewater".Get them all here.

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