Thursday, 10 September 2009

Lee Scratch Perry Battle Of Armagideon

After Mikey Dread's World War 3 on previous post the the apocalyptic reggae theme continues with one of Lee Perry's most successful 80s' releases . Eleven tracks from inside the mind of Lee Perry concerning politics,ganja,sex,religion and himself amongst many other things . Don't often listen to this as Perry's Black Ark magic always seem to draw me in more but have played this quite a bit recently and find this album stands up well next to it .Great cover with ganja smoking skeleton (Colly Jesus Christ )who seems to be proclaiming judgement on the USA and the Soviet Union (This was the 80s'), Thatcher ,The Queen,one of her corgis or maybe the entire human race . The back cover has a picture of Perry wearing a gas fireplace as a hat .This album preceded two more superb albums Lee Perry recorded with Dub Syndicate , Time Boom X De Devil Dead and From The Secret Laboratory both well worth tracking down . Vinyl rip here .

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