Saturday, 26 September 2009

Burning Ambitions : A History Of Punk

This was a recent eBay "win", as the eBay money making machine likes to inform you on their emails. Remember seeing this back in the day but being only twelve years of age and not having the sort of cash to buy a double album for about a tenner I just had to content myself with staring at the Sgt Pepper spoof/homage cover instead and long for my own copy of this one stop shop punk rock comp minus Pistols,Clash,Banshees,Jam and a few other notable omissions. Despite these absences this is still a killer compilation with hardly a duff track which covers 1976 to 1982. Currently grooving to The Exploited's evergreen classic "Dead Cities" and Anti-Pasti's "No Goverment".

Boredom - Buzzcocks
Bingo Master's Breakout - The Fall
1, 2, X U - Wire
Life - ATV
Keys To Your Heart - 101'ers
I'm Alive - 999
Gary Gilmore's Eyes - Adverts
Justifiable Homicide - Dave Goodman and Friends
Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone? - Slaughter and the Dogs
(Get a) Grip On (Yourself) - The Stranglers
Your Generation - Generation X
Baby Baby - The Vibrators
Identity - X-Ray Spex
Read About Seymour - Swell Maps
I'm Stranded - The Saints
Chinese Rocks - Heartbreakers
Lock It Up - Eater
Ain't Got A Clue - Lurkers
Lady - Adam and The Ants
Love Song - The Damned
Looking After No. 1 - Boomtown Rats
Where's Captain Kirk? - Spizzenergi
In A Rut - The Ruts
Angels With Dirty Faces - Sham 69
Stranglehold - UK Subs
Flares and Slippers - Cockney Rejects
The Wait - Killing Joke
No Government - Anti-Pasti
Holiday In Cambodia - Dead Kennedy's
Dead Cities - The Exploited
Last Rockers - Vice Squad
Harry May - The Business
Police Story - The Partisans
Someone's Gonna Die - Blitz
City Baby Attacked By Rats - GBH
Complete Disorder - Disorder
Russians In The DHSS - Attila The Stockbroker
Lust For Glory - Angelic Upstarts

Not too bad vinyl rip here...

...and The Exploited introduced by David "Kid" Jensen on Top Of The Pops in 1981

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