Sunday, 4 October 2009

Hardcore Holocaust - The Peel Sessions

Here's one to blow the old cobwebs away or listen to first thing in the morning instead of sipping your favourite branded caffeine stimulant to get your day started .Twenty five tracks recorded for John Peel over twenty years ago that still seem as startling now as they did all those many moons ago . John Peel seemed to love dropping a bit of hardcore in to his show , god knows what the indie kids of the time made of this coming up after the The Pastels .A few of the sessions from The Stupids ,Doctor And The Crippens and Electro Hippies are closer to US hardcore/skate type punk, the rest from the likes of Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death (probably two of the greatest names for groups ever IMHO ) are full throttle 1000mph riffing drumming and sometime twin vocals although probably closer to Tibetan throat singing recorded in the depths of hell than conventional vocal duties . I believe da kids of today now refer to this as grindcore . For best effect go straight to Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror and take in small doses ,most tracks are around the 1 minute mark apart from Bolt Thrower's epic "Attack In The Aftermath at 3.29.
Heard It All Before, Dog Log - The Stupids
Sheep, Chickens, Mother - Electro Hippies
False Profit/Another Nail in the Coffin/Carry on Screaming/Conned Through Life - Extreme Noise Terror
Attack in the Aftermath/Psychological Warfare - Bolt Thrower
Skate Bored/Intense Degree/Day Dreams/Bursting - Intense Degree
Voice Your Opinion - Unseen Terror
Moral Crusade/M.A.D./Divine Death/Control - Napalm Death
Pink Machine Gun/Garden Centre Murders/Skin Tight - Doctor & The Crippens
Exploitation/No Religion - Doom
For some songs concerning war,skateboards,religion,vegetarianism ,dogshit,death and more death come here .


  1. WOW, a real blast from the past, had this on cassette, would love to hear it again. Saw a CD on fleabay for £80!

  2. ere i work as a postie. striker? yep, i was one. In work this morning i came across a flyer for some club in Brummie. Bolt Thrower and Benediction playing this month. I wonder if Jo Bench is as hot as she once were or has she been replaced to raise some mini Games Workshop fans?

  3. Postie eh , fair play to you . Can't be easy for you guys at the moment what with the amount of disinformation (IMHO) about the situation via The Daily Mail, Sun , Sky ,Murdoch & Sons and the increasingly right wing view of the majority of all our media .
    I am amazed to find out that most of the groups on that comp are still going .Recently read somwhere that Napalm Death nowadays contain no original members . Does this make them a sort of franchise ?

  4. Cheers for the concern, we'll see where it goes in the new year. World class male. Load of bollocks, we're paying the price now for the mistakes management maid a few years ago.

    Napalm Death, aye a few of my mates are off to watch em in Cardiff. One's even just bought himself a D.R.I. shirt off ebay for it. It's kinda sad no original members left. Do they say "This next one is off our first album, but none of us wrote or played on it!"

    Here's a cracking blog i found a while back tho
    sweet memories indeed.

  5. Hey, could you please upload this one again? The link is dead :/