Monday, 11 January 2010

The Gun Club - Fire Of Love

A quickie today featuring The Gun Club's debut. Finding it incredible that this was released in 1981 , the year of Adam & The Ants , The Human League and other horribly dated 80s' acts many still going or reformed and playing Pontins this summer probably . The Specials an honorable exception of course . But this is something else , sounding as though it could have been released anytime in the past 30 years and showing how waaay ahead of their time they were. A perfect mix of blues, punk,garage,rockabilly ,sex ,drugs 'n' voodoo. A few Gun Club albums were reissued and expanded at the end of last year and "Fire Of Love" was frustratingly not amongst them . Try here . Wiki here.

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  1. Love this album. An old band of mine did a cover of sexbeat I am quite proud of...

    check it out here

    Links down the page a bit.