Saturday, 23 January 2010

Derek And Clive (Live)

I remember copies of this being passed around at school where this blast of 70s' filth from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore was greatly appreciated.Probably due to the amount "Fucks" , "Cunts" , "Wanks" and general schoolboy level of humour contained within as two pissed up comedians make up bizarre stories and scenarios off the top of their heads. Many of it still makes me chuckle now, but the stand outs are "This bloke came up to me" ,"Blind" and "Top Rank". Oh and the track "Bo Dudley" was sampled by A Guy Called Gerald for the still awesome "Voodoo Ray". Wiki here. If easily offended stay away from HERE


  1. ere do u know this blog ? good nostalgic AD fun.

  2. Going to be checking this out a lot, looks like its going to be a valuable source of reference for checking out missing progs , stopped reading from about 92/93 until the start of this century but from what I understand the quality dipped a bit then .

  3. thanks old chap only had this on cassette much like lots of folk, one of those things like Monty Python everyone could repeat all the words (but not as well as Pete and Dud)