Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mad Professor - Psychedelic Dub - Dub Me Crazy Part 10

The 10th in Mad Professor's Dub Me Crazy series "Pyschedelic Dub"  has a great cartoony type cover featuring Mad Professor himself as always, Nelson Mandela (this was released months after his release in 1990),peace symbols,all seeing eyes and other cool positive images. Although bearing the title Psychedelic Dub ,it does have snatches of flute,backwards tape effects etc and I suppose top class dub has the very best in mind expanding qualities , this is more bright 'n' breezy good times dub than tripped out psychedelia,  but all the ten tracks on the album are all top tunes perfect for a hazy Sunday morning. Some tracks have the unmistakable trombone sound of the legendary Rico Rodriguez too.
The psychedelic tag seemed to be having a resurgance  around this time - Stone Roses , The Shamen , De la Soul and tons of others seemed to be taking elements of psychedelia ,if not the whole full on 60s' wig out style , making it more mainstream and actually having hits. Must have been something in the air then . Buddahs and Red Dragons anyone ?
Mad Professor released 12 in the Dub Me Crazy series from 82 to 93 and at this moment in time all but the first seemed to be hard to get hold of ,a box set of this complete series of upbeat digital dub seems like a good idea to me . Also can someone tell Massive Attack to let Mad Professor do his stuff on  "Heligoland" ?


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