Saturday, 27 February 2010

On U Sound - Pay It All Back Volume 3

Released in 1991 this probably represents a period when the On U Sound's profile was at its highest mainly due to a bit of chart action with Gary Clail ,the use of African Headcharge on a few soundtracks and some of Lee Perry's most critically acclaimed work since the days of The Black Ark. The Stone Roses even got themselves an Adrian Sherwood production for "One Love" , I seem to remember , not sure if it ever had an official release but if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.
Anyway this is a very good comp containing all the usual suspects from the On U Sound collective including the aforementioned Lee Perry backed by Dub Syndicate singing about one of his favourite subjects , himself , and if I was Lee Perry I would too , on "You Thought I Was Dead" , the Jim Morrisson sampling Dub Syndicate track " Stoned Immaculate" and for a reminder of late 80s'/early 90s' UK suburban drudgery hear Kilroy , both morning and afternoon editions of Neighbours , CNN , housework and checkout Qs' all name checked in Little Annie's "When I Think Of You". Dub Syndicate's "Hey Ho" and African Headcharge's "My God" are both IMHO classic On U Sound tracks that if there is/was a best of On U Sound type comp representing the past 30 years they would have to be on it.The track "Blue Moon" by Barmy Army was a John Peel favourite with it's samples of football terrace chants (Man City fans singing their "theme" ) and commentary (Martin Tyler I think) and one guy I had forgotten about was Jesse Rae and who I assumed was a figment of my imagination until digging this out and checking out YouTube. A Scotsman in a funky style complete with kilt,helmet and brandishing a proper massive Claymore still performing to this day and currently up for election to become an MEP. Shows just how diverse the On U Sound - sound - is although Dub , Reggae ,Funk and loads of experimentation are never far from the surface.

A good vinyl rip if I do say so myself, have new cartridge fitted on the ol' turntable now ,after getting my head round the fact that some places charge £20 - £30 to set it up for you , sod that , can't be that difficult can it ? Not too difficult but , wow, not as easy as I thought. Will support my local Hi fi shop in the future. PAY IT ALL BACK 3 HERE .


Disconnection - Strange Parcels
Heart's Desire - Strange Parcels
You Thought I Was Dead - Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate
Stoned Immaculate -Dub Syndicate
I Think Of You - Little Annie
Jack The Biscuit - Andy Fairley
Hey Ho - Dub Syndicate
These Things Happen -Mark Stewart
Ennio - Martin Frederix
To Be Free - Strange Parcels
My God - African Head Charge
Spirit Soul - Alan Pillay
False Leader - Gary Clail
Jacob's Pillow - Jesse Rae
Devo - Barmy Army
Blue Moon - Barmy Army
Nightmare - Bim Sherman

Need to set up a turntable? Pay attention and take notes.


  1. Thank you, thank you. I only got on vinyl too.
    Apparently Soundforge is best for recording vinyl rips.

    i was gonna drag disconnection of '15 years in a open boat' but need to search high and low for it.

  2. That is a good fucking sound quality.

  3. Cheers. Have upped the bit rate from previous recordings and am using Amadeus Pro (Mac) for recording and editing , not as well known as Audacity but for me seems to be much more stable and easier to use. Haven't tried Soundforge , will have to have a trial of it. Planning to rip "North Of The River Thames" soon, unless it's already out there somewhere.

  4. Duncan Disorderly9 March 2010 at 13:59

    Cheers for that mate I have had Bim Shermans Nightmare going round my had aand driving me crazy for 2 weeks . I got a dub version called Yes We Will on African Rubber Dub 2. I knew there was a vocal cut but didnt know what it was called. I have played all my Dub Syndicate , New Age Steppers and Bim Sherman ( and Creation Rebel) All On u sound Cds and mp3s and couldnt find it. I find it on here thanks to mr RhinocerouslipBumcrack ! I have got this on vinyl in my loft but i am a lazy bastard and the turntable needs wiring up. Nice sound on this anyway ! Cheers. Dunk.