Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Godfathers

The Godfathers were formed by Peter and Chris Coyne after the short lived Sid Presley Experience split up in 1985 . The band attracted a loyal following due to a fearsome live reputation in the UK , Europe and the USA where they made the Billboard top 40 with "Birth,School,Work,Death". The debut album "Hit By Hit" released in 1986 was a collection of their independent single releases contains top tunes " I Want Everything","This Damnation" and a monumental cover of Rolf Harris's "Sun Arise" which is almost as good as Rolf's original version . There is not a weak track on the whole album . The major label debut "Birth,School,Work,Death" is equally as good.Another contender for "shoulda been massive" ,real raw punk rock 'n' roll and out of sync of what was classed as rock in the 80s' , a good few years before the rise of Britpop and Oasis. Reformed and recording new material . Try "Hit By Hit" .

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