Sunday, 16 August 2009

Link Wray

Part Shawnee Indian one lunged former Korean war veteran Link Wray was as much as an innovative guitarist as Hendrix but hardly known outside the muso community . He was using distortion, feedback and overdriven guitar nearly ten years before Hendrix and Townshend .The US and British hit "Rumble" had the mighty distinction of being banned on many radio stations at the time for "glorifying juvenile delinquency" despite being an instrumental .Neil Young and Bob Dylan both witnessed Link play live early on and have both cited him as an influence as has Jimmy Page,Jeff Beck,Townshend,Hendrix,Marc Bolan,Billy Childish and Mark E Smith amongst many others.There are seven track on this compilation recorded in the eighties that really don't stand up (way too much drum machine) but the other sixteen tracks including Rumble,Ace Of Spades and the storming Jack The Ripper more than make up.Wiki here.Link Wray Original Rumble here.

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