Saturday, 15 August 2009

Joe Gibbs African Dub All Mighty Chapter 3

Classic dub from 1978 recorded by The Professionals at Joe Gibbs studio engineered and mixed by Errol Thompson. The third in the African Dub series and along with the fourth chapter the most commercially successful due to its crossover appeal to the punky reggae party crowd and heads of the time . Featuring doorbells,buzzers,phones,whistling birds and gunfire added into the mix over popular rhythms and melodies dating from the late sixties to the mid seventies , listen out for the melody to Bread's soft rock classic "Make It With You" ! These track are less heavy than Lee Perry's work of the time down the road at Black Ark Studio and King Tubby's hypnotic dubs , certainly easier listening , some might say more , er ... " tuneful" but still managing to make the right impact . Anyway if you love dub , and you should , this is a must listen . Lookout for all four chapters in a box set currently available for a low price at the online retailer named after a mighty South American river , not , the other one . Try chapter three here.

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  1. just got the box set in the post. Thanks for turning me on to these beauties. I remember seeing them on vinyl in replay records(Bristol) 2nd hand store years ago. Damn that was a good shop.
    Would give u a shit price for buying off you tho, bastards robbed me of a few quid in my broker than broke days.