Monday, 7 December 2009

African Rubber Dub - Bim Sherman

Am crediting this as a Bim Sherman dub album, although as there is so little info about this that I am not so sure. At the moment this album seems to be a bit hard to get hold of as well . Mixes by King Tubby, Prince Jammy and tellingly Adrian Sherwood as this has a very distinctive On U Sound type flavour to the overall sound ,although I suppose to define a definitive "On U Sound" sound is near impossible . Musicians include Style Scott, Bingy Bunny , Sly & Robbie , Roots Radics Band and The Gladiators . Lots of Niyabinghi style drumming ,warm percussive instruments , horns and Bim Sherman vocals drifting in and out make up a sort of soothing dub album , although as I have a bit of man flu at the moment this may be influencing my feeling towards it but whatever state Im in I still love this album. I do have volume 2 as well so if anyone wants this too , let me know . For now vinyl rip here .


  1. Bring on the Sherman, Mr Rotton!!!

  2. Hell yes; I don't believe I've heard of a Vol-2
    of this title. Please DO upload-- it'll be eagerly gobbled up.

  3. Hi, i have these two lps, bim r.i.p.
    sorry to ask but my vinyl is elsewhere - pls may i ask for a 're-up'?

    i love bim's voice, so very sweet. thanks for the two postings.

  4. can you please re-post. Great album!