Thursday, 31 December 2009


Over the past few days , have been reading and watching the many reviews of 2009 including a truly awful one last night on ITV (how long is this station going to survive ?) with the absolutely loathsome Piers Morgan and they all at some point have a list of notable lives that have died over the previous year . Just wanted to put a few You-Tube vids up to honor a few guys that made a difference to me and who rarely got mentioned , if at all, in any of the mainstream medias round up of 2009. A touch sentimental maybe but sod it , it's the season for it . Have a good one .

Ron Asheton

John Martyn

Lux Interior

and from the telly

Tony Hart

Keith Floyd

Mentions for Alton Ellis ,Steven Wells,David Carradine,Michael Jackson and Bobby Robson

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