Wednesday, 23 December 2009

African Rubber Dub Volume 2 - Bim Sherman

The posting of the first volume of African Rubber Dub seemed to be quite popular and after receiving an anonymous request for volume two thought I would show goodwill to all mankind and offer it up for all interested parties. Once again, not certain of the whole Bim Sherman connection , as he is only listed as one of the percussionists and the vocal snatches are even briefer than the first volume so I suppose as before what we have are dubs of Bim Sherman cuts . Overall a less "dense" and organic production, more of the Adrian Sherwood style type mixes , no King Tubby this time . Some familiar rhythms throughout. Although not quite up to the very high standards of the first volume this is still very much worth a listen especially if you got into the first volume . Track five "Nightmare" is the highlight for me complete with train whistles , Bim Sherman whispers and a weird wobbly metallic sounding instrument (does have a name but it's long slipped from my mind) that I strangely remember from Rentaghost .Vol 2 here.


  1. Nightmare is indeed a killer tune. Prob my fave next to Simple Life!

    You got any of those Big Finish cds? i'm thinking of posting a Strontium Dog one soon.

    Dredd at the moment is just class, what with seinfield and co bringing the big meg down. Can't wait to see where this story is heading. Dredd for Chief Judge, maybe?

  2. Don't have any Big Finish cds , will have to get round to listening to a few. I think they have just started to produce new ones again.

    Just finished reading Prog 2010 , Dredd is definitely in for interesting times ahead , looks like there's going to be consequences for the whole Dredd universe .

    Yes , Dredd for Chief Judge with all the politics that go with the job would be a great angle. He's turned it down once I think after Apocalypse War ? Rico to carry Dredds mantle and keep on busting heads. .Maybe a civil war in Mega City 1 to overthrow Senfield/Francisco , could involve America/Total War storylines from a few years back , the formation of an uneasy alliance . Shame Dredd
    is not double length sometimes.

  3. Spikes Rotten,

    Apologies in advance if you already know this (you probably do), but I've just listened to Volume One, and what struck me was the number of Dub Syndicate tunes I could hear, in their early incantations at least. Not surpising given the contributors...

    If you've not already done so, get hold of some Dub Syndicate - you won't regret it.


  4. Spikes Rotten,

    Just downloaded Volume 2, but it looks like you've posted the link to Volume 1?

    Keep up the good work.


  5. Have just fixed the link, should correctly link to volume 2 now.Thanks for letting me know Barbi-Q,must have been rushing to get that post done.
    Have a few Dub Syndicate albums , remember the track "Ravi Shanker" being a top tune , can't recall which album.Must give them another listen , and track down some more ... an idea for a post in the future.

  6. Spikes Rotten,

    Many thanks for fixing the link so quickly, will let you know shortly what Volume II is like.

    So many Dub Syndicate albums to consider, all good, but I'd always recommend Stoned Immaculate. Not a duff track in sight...