Monday, 8 February 2010

Cult TV Classics

As far as I can tell this contains all the original versions of some classic TV theme tunes from the 60s' and 70s' most of which will be instantly memorable to many even if some of the actual shows themselves haven't been seen since the reign of Margaret Thatcher although a quick scan through the current TV listings will probably show, in the UK at least , that a fair few of them are still showing on ITV 8 or Bozo + 3 or one of many other such mind sapping channels. Okay a few veer towards the genre that lads mags of the mid 90s' seemed to want foist on an impressionable readership , "Lounge Music", but that shouldn't detract from the buzz you may get as your brain opens up long forgotten memory cells as you hear the theme tunes to "Joe 90", "Tomorrow People","Batman" and ,cliche ahead ,the stirring "Thunderbirds"once again. As this is ripped from a tape the quality seemed to drop a tad over the first few tracks but they are both still very much listenable as is the rest of it apart from the pointless Joe 9o remix.

Warning: Over exposure to the theme tune to Robinson Crusoe may induce those of a certain age to regress to a state of childhood and hanker for mornings in front of the telly during school holidays , or maybe it's just me.

1. Man from U.N.C.L.E.
2. Mission: Impossible [The Plot] - San Diego Symphony Pops, Lalo Schifrin
3. Mission: Impossible - San Diego Symphony Pops, Lalo Schifrin
4. Captain Scarlet "The Mysterons" - Barry Gray Orchestra
5. Captain Scarlet - Barry Gray Orchestra
6. Danger Man (High Wire)
7. Mannix - San Diego Symphony Pops, Lalo Schifrin
8. Batman
9. Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
10. Tomorrow People - Dudley Simpson
11. Stingray - Barry Gray Orchestra, Gary Miller
12. March of the Oysters - Barry Gray Orchestra
13. Aqua Marina - Barry Gray Orchestra, Gary Miller
14. Saint
15. Hi-Jacked [Joe 90] - Barry Gray Orchestra
16. Joe 90 - Barry Gray Orchestra
17. Avengers
18. Parker, Well Done - Barry Gray Orchestra
19. Thunderbirds - Barry Gray Orchestra
20. Joe 90 Remix - Barry Gray Orchestra

Wallow in nostalgia HERE


  1. Great post - but the files are fucked - "The achive 'cultv' could not be expanded, the file '01 The Man From U.N.C.L.E...mp3' it contains seems to be broken" - any chance of a re-up?

  2. Ok , have re-upped file again, any problems leave a comment.